Saturday, 9 August 2014

Officially PASUMIAN 2014/2015


Hi saya kat PASUM! Maigoddd dah habis mid sem exam baru update blog. Takde rezeki fly, but hikmahnya stranded kat PASUM. PASUM such a hectic life but it is so fun. Ramai gila SAMURIANs kat sini. Even my roomate is a SAMURIAN. LOL, never thought end up with Farz since I never ever talk to her in school before. My tutorial group is soooo funny, leklu but they ARE genius! Felt so insecure.

Actually Im officaly placed in 12th Residential College but had to move to 11th Residential College which is worse than 12th. Miss 12th College so much which is nearer to PASUM. Hmm.

First BIO lab. With NH2 members.

It just if you are going to accept offer and want to go to PASUM, brace yourself mentally and physically okay? It is so hard if you are playing around and suddenly BAM!! The midsem exam was so hard, could not imagine the final one. May Allah ease my journey to become an O&G.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I'm in dilemma .

Assalammualaikummmmm .
Yo wassap wassap ?

And for sureely 2 more days to go before my 18th birthdayy . Woohoo I'm aging again . :D Ehekk . And UPU's result already announced . And Alhamdulillah me and Anis got our first choice . Justttttttttt , I'm not destined to be her room-mate . She will register on 24th while me on 25th . There is nooooo way I can get same room aye ?

tapiiiii , buttttt , demooooo sa , shikashii , heee 3 languages (Malay , English , Japanese). But , I'm still in dilemma . MARA , why you just keep quite and didnt give the right date for the result hah ? Keep waiting and thinking whether should waiting or just go to PASUM . But actually , I'm kinda a spoiled daughter in family . Dude , I'm tired of being far-away from my parents . wuwuwuwuwu . I know all parents want the best for their child . Tired of high expectation , tired of waiting and tired of dilemma . I feel like going to PASUM is just the right way ? Istikarah . Well yeah but but but MARA still didnt give out any announcement . Hurmmm . If I give high hope to MARA then didnt get the offer . Ohhh Myy . It's hurt .

Okay , thats all . #Pray4MH370 #Pray4MARA #Pray4MyRoomate?

Ja ne~