Friday, 13 January 2012

My Fandom

Assalammualaikum. Such a random. Please dont mind to read it.

I called myself as fangirl since I'm 13 yrs old (2008) . Lol ? And now I'm 16 . It is just random post . I dont know why . After seeing this post , I can't help to post this . 2008? Yeah , it is begun when I stalked my bro's laptop and found this . :-

My only one Ojii-san ! Lol ! Samurai Gitarist ! Miyavi ~ !Too bad he is married , and got two kawaii daughter ! Lovelie and Jewelie. I wonder his next child will be son or daughter . I wish next is baby boy . The next Samurai Guitarist ~ He is ex-Dué le Quartz

And then end up with Alice Nine , The GazettE and others . I got to know Alice Nine from a fanfic . =___= Yaoi one .(Yuck !) Then listened to Eraser and moree . But my first song is Eraser ! The Gazette is my first Jrock band . If you start to listen to Jrock , I strongly recommend them . One of the best alongside X Japan . I'm not X Japan's fans , but I love some their song . They are legends! [R.I.P Hide-sama]

And after I got internet connection in home , I dug up other bands . Out from PSC , I'm stuck with -OZ- , Daizystripper and 9GOATS BLACK OUT . These three bands are so addictive . Don't know why -OZ- , but for me , they are one of the best(semua best aku nih. =___=). Daizystripper , hesh , Yugiri's voice is so so so so ASDFGHASDFGH! 9GOATS BLACK OUT , aku suka lagu sink

And now , I got another fandom and I did not expect I will listen to them . From Jrock to Jpop. Beza macam hitam dengan putih tu . But, I just like Arashi and a bit Kisumai(Kis-My-Ft2) . I knew Arashi last 2010 but started to flail with them since October 2011(ingat lagi tuh!). Knew them since watching HanaDan . My fav song ? Dont ask me because I love all , but my favourite album is Boku no Miteiru Fukei .

I just thinking why super duper love them ? It is not because look , but I love them . Their personalities , their sense of humour , and voice . Aah , I'm just knew them , so did not know much about them . But, some fans and I do think , others's completeness cover other's weakness . Sho is good on rap , he even be news broadcaster you know ! Ohno's voice is just fantastic . Nino as brat . Aiba with his baka-ness , and Jun with hot-ness . Their friendship is not fake . Almost 13 years they being together . I just . . . 

Okay , my classmate(kpop fans) always said "You should stop talking about Arashi", Yeah , everyday Arashi , Arashi . I'm sorry classmate . Hehe . In my class , mostly is Kpop Fans except Atifah . Lucky nee . She is more to HSJ and Kat-Tun . Knew least about Arashi . In other word , I knew least about Kat-Tun and HSJ . But , I'm so lucky got friend to talk about our Jpop Bias and Jrock/Jpop fandom . Atleast we got similarities that is we love Kisumai . Kalau tak , sorang cakap pasal B, yang lagi sorang cakap pasal A . Pastu diam sebab tak faham langsung . Hehehe.

Even now , I smile without reason . When I watch their drama , saw their pic, read their stuff and watch PV, lastly listen to their song , I just cant stop smile and giggling . Is that called 'love'? xD

Mahh , You believe or not, this post is third post in the row I talked bout Arashi . xD

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