Saturday, 9 August 2014

Officially PASUMIAN 2014/2015


Hi saya kat PASUM! Maigoddd dah habis mid sem exam baru update blog. Takde rezeki fly, but hikmahnya stranded kat PASUM. PASUM such a hectic life but it is so fun. Ramai gila SAMURIANs kat sini. Even my roomate is a SAMURIAN. LOL, never thought end up with Farz since I never ever talk to her in school before. My tutorial group is soooo funny, leklu but they ARE genius! Felt so insecure.

Actually Im officaly placed in 12th Residential College but had to move to 11th Residential College which is worse than 12th. Miss 12th College so much which is nearer to PASUM. Hmm.

First BIO lab. With NH2 members.

It just if you are going to accept offer and want to go to PASUM, brace yourself mentally and physically okay? It is so hard if you are playing around and suddenly BAM!! The midsem exam was so hard, could not imagine the final one. May Allah ease my journey to become an O&G.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I'm in dilemma .

Assalammualaikummmmm .
Yo wassap wassap ?

And for sureely 2 more days to go before my 18th birthdayy . Woohoo I'm aging again . :D Ehekk . And UPU's result already announced . And Alhamdulillah me and Anis got our first choice . Justttttttttt , I'm not destined to be her room-mate . She will register on 24th while me on 25th . There is nooooo way I can get same room aye ?

tapiiiii , buttttt , demooooo sa , shikashii , heee 3 languages (Malay , English , Japanese). But , I'm still in dilemma . MARA , why you just keep quite and didnt give the right date for the result hah ? Keep waiting and thinking whether should waiting or just go to PASUM . But actually , I'm kinda a spoiled daughter in family . Dude , I'm tired of being far-away from my parents . wuwuwuwuwu . I know all parents want the best for their child . Tired of high expectation , tired of waiting and tired of dilemma . I feel like going to PASUM is just the right way ? Istikarah . Well yeah but but but MARA still didnt give out any announcement . Hurmmm . If I give high hope to MARA then didnt get the offer . Ohhh Myy . It's hurt .

Okay , thats all . #Pray4MH370 #Pray4MARA #Pray4MyRoomate?

Ja ne~

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Interview MARA and UM 2014

Hai , Assalammualaikum .

1st May already ! It's my birthday month . and Hiroto's . and Yuvvie's . and also Chimie's . I dont know why but most people that i had seen is mostly had birthday on May . Okay , skip this part .

Le me had interview for UM on 20th April and interview for Mara on 27th April . So, one whole week stayed at KL . Ehe .

For UM , I got IV in the evening . Anis was in the morning . She said it's gonna be 'EASY' . Haha . It's true , just introduction then study case . But, tbh . I SCREWED THE INTERVIEW. Haha . /facepalm . Hell yeah even the panels realised i'm nervous . The interview was in group . And I got all-girls group which is Wardah , Yana and the other one, I didnt really remember her name . * sorry . Wardah is from MRSM Kota Kinabalu and Yana is from SMSALD ( Science Lahad Datu) . My jaw dropped when I heard bout that . Heheh . And the panels were also female .

For introduction part , better you masuk bakul angkat sendiri . Seriously . Its the way to make them impressed . Then talk on your co-curricular achievement the most . They didnt care bout ur hobby , etc . Okay , I also screwed that part . Startled all the time . And of course the study case . Jeng ! Jeng ! "As the first batch , what do you think of Paper 3 Sejarah . Does it downgraded our education system ? State your opinions "

That timeeee . I felt like the lightning struck me . Nahh . I didnt want to throwback that part . ORZ . But make sure dont give out stupid comment okay ?

And then for MARA , it was also in group . Consist of 10 members (5 girls , 5 boys) . Let me tell you ya , $ girls out of 5 were SAMURIANS . K, bye . Haha . There were me , madhuri (Azroy) , Fee-B(Farra) , then MOD (Afiqah) . And the other girl is from Kajang as I remember . I only remembered her short name , 'Nafi' .

SAMURA ! HAHA ! But Nafi looks like Ida . Hmm . 

There had 2 session which is game and study case . Game is to see whether you can work in team or not . We split into two groups . The games was . Hard to explain though . There was 20 rubber bands on the A4 paper which is located 10 feets from you . Using all 10 rubber bands given , made the 20 rubber bands spread . Cehh wahh . Igt ke senang . Actually , the iv was fully in english . But we do talk in Malay and the panels look insulted . ehe . and the result was both group unsuccessful . After that the panels asked each of us a question . Since my card was number 1 , so she asked " No 1 , why do you think you didnt manage to spread the rubberbands " Gabra siaaa .

Then moved to next session which is study case . I was like 'please no study case about general knowledge" . Wuuhuu . TT^TT

Nahh , the study case for us is like , solved mystery of robbery case .

I dont really remembered it but it sounded like this . "Mary sleep on the couch and then suddenly there is a man broke into her house . The robber instruct her to shut her mouth and he continue to search on money and jewellery . Suddenly there is a phone call . The robber pointed the gun and said " Pick up the call " . And coincidently its her husband .

Mary said " Honey, it is an emergency ? If your flight land , give me a call . I want to prepare your favourite food that will release your stress " And after 10 minutes , the police arrived and arrested the robber . The question is , how the police find out ?

So, time ni la korang kena banyak cakap ! You have to talk ! So , this time I used the trick what I've learn by watching Oh-chan's drama "Kagi no kakatta Heya" . Lol , joke . But , I kept repeating the words only . But surely you have to talk !!

Pak Cik Ohno .

That's all . Ehe . What ever is all the best . But I dont really give high hope and expectation . Hmm . Tawakkal and Istikarah is the right answer . :D

Credit : Encik Google

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Akemashite Omedetou !

Assalammualaikum !

Happy New Year ! Akemashite Omedetou ! Selamat Tahun Baru ! 

New Year resolution ? Well , I got my brain jammed since I have not use  it intensively since SPM was over . So I could not think it properly . Heh , excuses ! 

How I celebrated this ? 

Haha . Nahh , I lived at the Pusat Bandar , so I could see the fireworks from my bedroom . And the new year is not a special occasion for me , especially as a Muslim . :D New year for us is 1 Muharram .

For today, I went to reunion with my ex-classmates , 3RK . Miss them . And as for me , it is abit awkward . Dont know la .

So, I guess my new year resolution is . Jeng Jeng Jeng ! 

Hahaha ! 

But I hope this 2014 will be more meaningful for me . And I just turned 18 yrs old . Hehe *evil laugh*

I hope :

  • I could work for these 3 months
  • Get Straight A+ for SPM
  • Get MARA/JPA sponsorship
  • pursue Medic in UM or might be in Aberdeen . India is more welcomed . Pray for meh .
  • Being as a perform muslim for 24/7
And I could not get off him from my mind . The Pak Cik Ohno Satoshi ~ ~ ~

He did win in Kouhaku yesterday . Omedetou !

And Happy New Year from me and Arashi !