Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Interview MARA and UM 2014

Hai , Assalammualaikum .

1st May already ! It's my birthday month . and Hiroto's . and Yuvvie's . and also Chimie's . I dont know why but most people that i had seen is mostly had birthday on May . Okay , skip this part .

Le me had interview for UM on 20th April and interview for Mara on 27th April . So, one whole week stayed at KL . Ehe .

For UM , I got IV in the evening . Anis was in the morning . She said it's gonna be 'EASY' . Haha . It's true , just introduction then study case . But, tbh . I SCREWED THE INTERVIEW. Haha . /facepalm . Hell yeah even the panels realised i'm nervous . The interview was in group . And I got all-girls group which is Wardah , Yana and the other one, I didnt really remember her name . * sorry . Wardah is from MRSM Kota Kinabalu and Yana is from SMSALD ( Science Lahad Datu) . My jaw dropped when I heard bout that . Heheh . And the panels were also female .

For introduction part , better you masuk bakul angkat sendiri . Seriously . Its the way to make them impressed . Then talk on your co-curricular achievement the most . They didnt care bout ur hobby , etc . Okay , I also screwed that part . Startled all the time . And of course the study case . Jeng ! Jeng ! "As the first batch , what do you think of Paper 3 Sejarah . Does it downgraded our education system ? State your opinions "

That timeeee . I felt like the lightning struck me . Nahh . I didnt want to throwback that part . ORZ . But make sure dont give out stupid comment okay ?

And then for MARA , it was also in group . Consist of 10 members (5 girls , 5 boys) . Let me tell you ya , $ girls out of 5 were SAMURIANS . K, bye . Haha . There were me , madhuri (Azroy) , Fee-B(Farra) , then MOD (Afiqah) . And the other girl is from Kajang as I remember . I only remembered her short name , 'Nafi' .

SAMURA ! HAHA ! But Nafi looks like Ida . Hmm . 

There had 2 session which is game and study case . Game is to see whether you can work in team or not . We split into two groups . The games was . Hard to explain though . There was 20 rubber bands on the A4 paper which is located 10 feets from you . Using all 10 rubber bands given , made the 20 rubber bands spread . Cehh wahh . Igt ke senang . Actually , the iv was fully in english . But we do talk in Malay and the panels look insulted . ehe . and the result was both group unsuccessful . After that the panels asked each of us a question . Since my card was number 1 , so she asked " No 1 , why do you think you didnt manage to spread the rubberbands " Gabra siaaa .

Then moved to next session which is study case . I was like 'please no study case about general knowledge" . Wuuhuu . TT^TT

Nahh , the study case for us is like , solved mystery of robbery case .

I dont really remembered it but it sounded like this . "Mary sleep on the couch and then suddenly there is a man broke into her house . The robber instruct her to shut her mouth and he continue to search on money and jewellery . Suddenly there is a phone call . The robber pointed the gun and said " Pick up the call " . And coincidently its her husband .

Mary said " Honey, it is an emergency ? If your flight land , give me a call . I want to prepare your favourite food that will release your stress " And after 10 minutes , the police arrived and arrested the robber . The question is , how the police find out ?

So, time ni la korang kena banyak cakap ! You have to talk ! So , this time I used the trick what I've learn by watching Oh-chan's drama "Kagi no kakatta Heya" . Lol , joke . But , I kept repeating the words only . But surely you have to talk !!

Pak Cik Ohno .

That's all . Ehe . What ever is all the best . But I dont really give high hope and expectation . Hmm . Tawakkal and Istikarah is the right answer . :D

Credit : Encik Google

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