Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I'm in dilemma .

Assalammualaikummmmm .
Yo wassap wassap ?

And for sureely 2 more days to go before my 18th birthdayy . Woohoo I'm aging again . :D Ehekk . And UPU's result already announced . And Alhamdulillah me and Anis got our first choice . Justttttttttt , I'm not destined to be her room-mate . She will register on 24th while me on 25th . There is nooooo way I can get same room aye ?

tapiiiii , buttttt , demooooo sa , shikashii , heee 3 languages (Malay , English , Japanese). But , I'm still in dilemma . MARA , why you just keep quite and didnt give the right date for the result hah ? Keep waiting and thinking whether should waiting or just go to PASUM . But actually , I'm kinda a spoiled daughter in family . Dude , I'm tired of being far-away from my parents . wuwuwuwuwu . I know all parents want the best for their child . Tired of high expectation , tired of waiting and tired of dilemma . I feel like going to PASUM is just the right way ? Istikarah . Well yeah but but but MARA still didnt give out any announcement . Hurmmm . If I give high hope to MARA then didnt get the offer . Ohhh Myy . It's hurt .

Okay , thats all . #Pray4MH370 #Pray4MARA #Pray4MyRoomate?

Ja ne~